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Must-Include Activities for Your University Application?

Applicants to top / competitive universities / colleges / schools tend to be for highly qualified students — academically that is — which means extracurricular activities and activity lists can and will be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

So, what exactly can you be doing to amp up your extracurricular candidacy?

Admissions officers at top colleges look for a range of activities from internships and volunteering to competitions, research and capstone projects.

And if you’re interested in seeing what goes into a stand-out Activities List, check out next few blog posts for examples of Activities Lists from Edulinx students who got into Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, and more!

For personalized guidance on how to identify the best extracurricular opportunities for your goals and boost your candidacy overall, click on the registration link, fill the form and one of our advisors will set up a chat one-on-one to answer all your specific questions!

talk to you soon!

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