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Important update – Quarantining in the UK

Students traveling from Egypt yo the UK are affected due to the Travel red-listed countries and therefore are currently experiencing longer turnaround times for their visa and CAS to be issued.

This is due to a combination of factors, including banks and visa offices being closed in their countries, high volumes of applications and extra time needed to allow for the mandatory 10 days quarantine period.

We share your concern - the students concern who may – through no fault of their own - be unable to meet the eligibility criteria on the arrival in the UK time period to qualify for the UK Quarantine Support Fund (QSF).

Therefore, though our partners amendments to the terms for QSF with the aim of providing greater flexibility and to help accommodate these students and support with the additional costs quarantining incurs.

The offer and process remain the same, but eligible students can now arrive up to 21 days after their published course start date and still qualify for the UK Quarantine Support Fund and GBP 1,000 contribution towards the cost of quarantining in a UK Government approved quarantine hotel.

Students who do arrive in the UK after their course starts, or are quarantining, should start their studies online, until they can travel to the UK and attend in person. Most UK on-campus programmes offered by our partners and partner universities; that start September – December 2021 are covered by the UK Quarantine Support Fund.

For more information you could always reach out to your Education Advisor directly or call us on +20122320024

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