Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Sarah, my Education Counselor was very helpful during the whole process of applying for universities in the UK. Sarah helped me with choosing the program, the university, the papers needed as well as the visa process. The process went very smooth, without any pressure; honestly, she made it easier for me. The whole process was well planned and organized. Sarah definitely met my expectations, her experience and vision helped me a lot to take the decision.
Currently I am working as a lecturer assistant at Misr international university, my MA degree was very beneficial, it helped me a lot in work as well as it expanded my knowledge in the field of media and communication.
The best thing about Kingston University is the “variation”, (variation in students, subjects, activities)
I travelled around Europe during my study. I had two intern-ships one at the BBC and one at London film academy. These were the most interesting things I have done during my stay in London.

Amira Saraya

I was lucky to join one of the best and highly ranked universities in the UK and it was all because of Sarah.


Sarah has perfect knowledge of all undergraduate and postgraduate degrees based on her incomparable professional experience in that field of services.

Sarah has a great list of amazing universities located in the USA, the UK, Canada and other countries around the world.


Besides, Sarah has a great follow up talent as she directed me during my IELTS test, SOP, Visa and even after traveling abroad, "Her Follow up e-mails have not stopped".


Consequently, I got a Distinction with High Honor and I was the top of my class over 93 different nationalities, thanks to Sarah.


To conclude, Sarah`s way of leading the whole international educational process can be characterized by being simple, brief and to the point.

Ezz elDin Salah