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The journey is the destination

Going abroad for studies brings up entirely new possibilities and opportunities. How would you

know which location, college and curriculum is best for you? There are hundreds of universities

that are worth all around the world, so deciding on the best one might be a little difficult.

First you need to think what are your interests and what do you wish to work in after graduation.

Starting your own business maybe or working in a huge multinational company?

Are you a big city or a small-town type of person? Do you prefer huge crowded halls or limited

narrow classrooms?

Investigate your desired college, research your major, pay attention to curriculum activities. And

then ask yourself, is this what I really want? Studying something you love is completely different

than studying something you don’t love.

You need to look at the college campus as well, it might intimidate you and believe this, college

campus is as important as everything else because this is where you will spend most of your time between your lectures and your gap hours, this is where you will make new friendships and bond with your colleagues. Even a few hours spent engaged in college may have a huge influence on your thoughts about it. If you feel that the campus is boring and not uplifting, you will dislike spending time in it and thus you will lose the chance to create the great college memories that will be with you throughout your life. After all, you'll be spending the most of your four years in college, so it should feel like home. 

It's a big choice and you want to get it perfectly. Put extra work into it. Make the most detailed

pros and cons list you've ever created, even if it seems ridiculous to you, no one has to see it.

So, take notes on everything! All of the statistics you've examined, how you felt while you were there your visualization, basically everything to help you reach your decision.

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