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You wish to investigate the world at the subatomic level or on a cosmic scale? At the University of Hull, you’ll study physics under the supervision of professionals! This degree will provide you the concepts and mathematical skills you’ll need to comprehend modern physics properly.

The university’s ability was acknowledged near 1969, when it was chosen as one of the research institutes to test materials collected from the moon by Neil Armstrong’s historic Apollo 11 mission. Today, some of the world’s foremost professionals contribute to world-class research, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from them during your studies.

You might ask yourself why you should choose to study Physics at Hull specifically, here are 6 reasons that will help you:

1- It’s ranked 7th in the UK for Physics.

2- Ranked 3rd in the UK for satisfaction with teaching.

3- Ranked 2nd in the UK for academic support.

4- Access to the most powerful university supercomputer in the North.

5- Internship opportunities and placement years at leading tech business.

6- Accredited by the Institute of Physics.

You’ll need to study for 1,200 hours every year to get your degree. This is based on a 20-credit module requiring 200 hours of work. It also includes planned hours, placement time and individual study time. The amount of time spent on each of them changes from year to year and is determined on the course and modules you are taking.

Companies including Rolls-Royce, Thales, QinetiQ, NPL, RB (previously Reckitt Benckiser), Atkins and Clyde Bergmann have hired recent Hull graduates. Others have gotten jobs with the National Grid and the NHS, among others, as part of graduate training programs. After studying Physics, you could work as a Data Scientist, Laser Systems Engineering, Telecommunications, IT and Computing, Medical Physics or Nuclear Engineer.

And of course, with no doubt, University of Hull is one of Edulinx’s partners and Edulinx will help any student who wishes to study there. Edulinx applies for the student, book their accommodation and help with their visa. We also help you in identifying the entry points, whether for direct entry or foundation year.

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