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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

A thought can change your life!

It's likely that the thought of studying abroad have crossed your mind once or you've been thinking about it for a while. Whichever it was, undoubtedly, you’ve heard or read that studying abroad improves your life, and that statement is right in so many ways. Let me walk you through how studying abroad will be life changing for you!

You’re on your own in a new world! This motivates you towards independence. Being self-reliant will become something normal in your life you wish you had gained before. You will obtain social, communication, life skills and confidence.

One of the many skills you will learn is managing your budget and knowing the difference between what can you afford and need and what is not essential to you.

Discovering one of the most important life secrets, something that brings success your way, time management. As you will have the power to manage your time between your university, studies and exploring the city. There won’t be a parent with you to tell you when to sleep, eat, study, go out…etc. This is owed to the fact that when you live overseas, you completely rely on yourself on everything from learning how to manage public transportation to communicating with complete strangers to buying dinner. It’s a journey of self-discovery that will let you recognize how strong you are, and I can guarantee you that it’s pretty enjoyable.

Attending universities in another country provides unique learning and cross-cultural possibilities that are not provided in your surroundings. Going abroad captivates you in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where you get to study while experiencing culture for most of the day. This will help you in improving your language skills and making friends from all over the world. You'll be discovering a completely new culture with unique values, food, landscapes, galleries, and events. What more do you need?

When living in a foreign country, you are continuously breaking outside from your comfort zone and trying new things. You will know your own strengths and weaknesses as you find yourself getting deeper knowledge of your character. This will happen by handling situations on your own, facing your fears and overcoming them and learning how to solve your issues and problems. Treating new people is also a challenge to oneself as every person is different than the other, now imagine that you are not only dealing with different personalities, you are also dealing with different backgrounds and views than you.

This with no doubt, shifts your perspective on life and the world. You will be astonished with how much change will occur to your beliefs on how to spend your own life.

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