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Studying abroad makes you think about how your accommodation will be whether to stay in a dormitory, a host family or find your own apartment, this will define your studying abroad experience. It’s as important as choosing your university and Edulinx is here to help you!

A dormitory is a building where a large number of people mainly stay and live together, or rooms with multiple beds for people. Dorms get you involved in social activities, you’ll be living with other local students which provides you an opportunity to become involved in the university’s community. What’s great in dorms is that you have on campus services like laundry and food services. And you save a lot of money as the internet and utilities are mostly provided to you. The thing about dorms is that it comes with a lot of rules and restrictions. You may get to share the campus facilities with other people like the kitchen and the bathroom. Dorms don’t always provide you with a quiet atmosphere as friends/visitors can come and go throughout the day as they like.

A host family is a family that takes in others for a period of time to give them a place to stay for their studies. They are an excellent way to immerse yourself in their language and culture as they will be your first introduction, you will stay with them on their national holidays and cultural tours, and bonus points for home cooked meals! They can also be a great help in any emergency. But sometimes there might be miscommunication between the both of you which may lead to tension. Besides your own room, you might not get the privacy you need in the house. Any house has its own rules, theirs might be inconvenient for you, but you’ll have to abide by it because at the end of the day, it’s their roof their rules!

Living in an apartment can be a unique experience as students find independence and responsibility from living alone. It provides you comfort and privacy than any other accommodation, as you have your own bathroom, kitchen, and space. You’ll be the one to set the rules according to your convenience and comfort. By managing your time you’ll plan ahead for the day more efficiently. This will help you later on in your future. Besides you pay your own bills, rent, do your own laundry, and buy house necessities. Just make sure to choose a safe and near location from your university. Put in mind that a private apartment can be a little pricey, and if it’s not furnished, then you will have to buy furniture and appliances for your daily needs.

In the end, choosing your accommodation is really based on your personality and in which way you will cope. Just know that there’s no right or wrong answer and choosing one doesn’t eliminate the advantages of others. Edulinx can help you in choosing and weighing your options carefully!

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