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Canada Care Program

 برنامج مساعد الرعاية المستمرة في كندا

تعلم. تأهل. هاجر

ادرس و عيش و اشتغل في كندا

ادرس CCA Continuing Care Assistant

و اشتغل اثناء الدراسة في كندا

يقدر ما يقرب من 1600 وظيفة شاغرة في مجال الرعاية المتدامة في ولاية نوفا سكوتيا - كندا

تدريب و فرصة عمل مضمونة! 

يضمن لك المعهد فرصة عمل بعد التخرج*

Program Overview

Graduates of the Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) program provide care services to people in need support in their daily activities, enrich their quality of life for people of all ages, but often elderly clients.

Caregivers are members of a collaborative care team and contribute to the provision of high-quality, safe, compassionate, and efficient care to meet the needs of clients and families. Caregiving is a client-focused job, where you work directly with clients in long-term care, providing home care, in hospitals or with assisted living.

شروط التقدم                                           Entry Requirements

Educational Qualifications

High school graduation certificate, GED certificate, or Adult Learner Status.

Language Requirements

IELTS Academic 6.0 or UCP program level 400 in Halifax, or ELLT Level 5.


All students in the CCA Program must be at least 21 years old to register.


40 Weeks.

Start Dates

Sept 22 / Nov 22 / Jan 23 / April 23 / Sept 23.


Total cost (Tuition Fees + Registration) - 360,000 EGP (approx.).


Clear Criminal Record Check or Police Clearance Certificate.

المؤهل الدراسي

شهادة ثانوية

متطلبات اللغة

امتحان ايليتس الاكاديمي

IELTS Academic 6.0 


يشترط السن 21 سنة للتسجيل في البرنامج


40 اسبوع.

تواريخ بدأ الدراسة

Sept 22 / Nov 22 / Jan 23 / April 23 / Sept 23.

التكلفة الكلية

 ثلاثمائة و ستون الف جنيه مصري (شامل مصاريف الدراسة و التسجيل).


خلو السجل الجنائي من اي جرائم و ليس عليه احكام اخرى.

CCA program is designed to provide graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to deliver appropriate, timely, and respectful person-focused care to individuals. Our program offers a unique, blended approach to training that combines technical, employability, and essential skills.

As part of the CCA program you will have a work placement (training). Placements may occur in a variety of employment settings, including:
Home Care, Nursing Homes/Homes for the Aged, Acute Care Facilities, and other approved care settings that employ CCAs.

What will you Learn?

Senior Physiotherapy

Program Modules

- Introduction to CCA Program and Health Care Sector.
- CCA Personal and Professional Development. 
- Communication in the Care Setting.
- Documentation and Technology in the Care Setting.
- Environmental Safety.
- Safe Handling and Mobility.
- Care Setting Management.
- Growth and Development.
- Body Structure; Function and Care Implications.
- Personal Care.
- Nutrition and Meal Preparation.
- Mental Health and Social Wellbeing.
- Medication.

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